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Enjoy The Benefits Of A Healthy And Beautiful Smile!

June is Oral Health Month, so it’s a good time to reflect on the health of your smile and those of your loved ones. Enjoying the benefits of a vibrant smile in tip-top condition is not something that you can take for granted. The best way to avert the development of cavities, gum disease, and other issues is with good oral hygiene, a nutritious diet, a healthy lifestyle, and a program of preventive dental care. Remember, it’s important not to hold off seeing the dentist until you’re in terrible pain or think there’s something wrong. By scheduling a routine appointment for a comprehensive checkup and professional cleaning, we can help you keep your smile looking and functioning at its very best.

As skilled and experienced providers of care, we emphasize the importance of dental prevention to help maintain optimal oral health. We encourage patients to come in twice a year for routine checkups and professional cleanings. In this way, we can monitor your oral health, reduce your risk of dental disease, and detect any issues early in their onset when they are typically the simplest to treat.

While proper dental care is essential at every stage of life, it’s especially important for children to establish a strong foundation for a lifetime of oral health. With routine checkups, preventive treatment, and age-appropriate education in the best methods of taking care of their teeth, we can help your little ones protect their smiles from dental disease. We also monitor your children’s dental and jaw development as they grow; keeping a close watch to determine if any orthodontic intervention will be needed to align their smiles.

We’re proud of the reputation we’ve established for providing skilled and compassionate care while achieving outstanding treatment outcomes. We look forward to helping you keep your smile in tip-top condition. For more information on our office and the many state-of-the-art services that we provide, give us a call today.

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Maintaining excellent oral hygiene and excellent overall health involves good oral hygiene, routine care, and making the right nutritional choices. At the office of Fort Des Moines Dental, we emphasize all aspects of preventive care and strive to provide your family with the educational tools needed for establishing healthy daily habits.  As part of our comprehensive preventive program, our Des Moines dental office provides your family with helpful nutritional information for preventing oral health problems.

Des Moines Dental office

Your mouth is where digestion begins; your teeth break down the foods you eat and nutrients begin to absorb as soon as they enter your mouth. Maintaining healthy teeth makes it possible to enjoy a varied, nutritious diet, which is vital to your overall health and sense of wellbeing. What you eat also has a direct impact on the health of your teeth and gums. By limiting your intake of sugary foods and beverages, along with brushing, flossing and periodic checkups at our Des Moines dental office, you can help protect your teeth from tooth decay and gum disease. That’s because, dental disease is caused by plaque, which is a sticky film that harbors bacteria that metabolize sugar; making by-products that are harmful to your teeth and gums. By choosing water and milk over juice, sugars and sweetened coffee, you can help keep your smile cavity-free. Foods that are rich in the vitamins C and D and the minerals calcium and phosphorus also help improve dental health. Snacking on crunchy fruits, vegetables and nuts aids saliva production to help cleanse your teeth. Incorporating antioxidants and probiotics into your diet can reduce inflammation and fight bacteria to prevent periodontal disease and keep the tissues of the mouth healthy.

At the office of Fort Des Moines Dental, we make checkups an informative experience for your whole family. Our Des Moines dental office focuses on preventive care and provides important treatments as well as useful guidance to keep your smiles healthy and beautiful. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, call today.