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Des Moines Dental Implants

When it comes to finding the best replacement options for your missing teeth, our dentists on are your side. At Fort Des Moines Dental, our experienced staff is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality treatment options. Working within your budget and always mindful of your comfort and treatment goals, our dentists will take the time to walk you through your best possible options. From the finest quality dental bridgework, partial and full dentures, to the most sophisticated options involving 50315 dental implants and implant retained prostheses, our practice remains current with the latest technology and techniques so that you can benefit from the best that modern dentistry has to offer.

50315 dental implants

When it comes to the replacement solution that comes the closest to recreating the performance, appearance, and feeling of your natural teeth, you’re going to want to speak with your dentist about 50315 dental implants. Ingeniously modeled after the anatomy of your natural teeth, dental implants are fabricated with an artificial root which inserts beneath the gum line and into the underlying jawbone. Composed of a special biocompatible material, which actually fuses to the bone over time, the artificial root of the implant stimulates the surrounding bone tissue, helping you maintain your natural facial contours, and promoting the overall health of your jaws. Extending upward, to just above the line of the gums, implants provide an anchoring point for the placement of a dental prosthetic with unrivaled stability. From custom crowns and permanent fixed bridges, to implant-retained dentures, your prosthesis will be fully customized to the shade, shape, and proportions most suited to your dental and facial esthetic. And whether your implants are used to replace single, several, or all teeth along a dental arch, you can depend on our dentists to provide you with the most exquisitely lifelike results.

To learn more about what 50315 dental implants can do to help restore your smile and overall quality of life, schedule a time to speak with one of our experienced dentists today! To book your consultation, call Fort Des Moines Dental at the number below!

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